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Live at Stonebridge

With pleasure, we welcome you to Stonebridge. The property is truly a sight to behold; a community amidst great natural beauty. A setting lovingly preserved and maintained to enhance the environment and the quality of life for all who live here. An ideal location, Stonebridge is Albany's most distinguished address.

Welcome Home

When Wingate Land & Development, LLC., the developers of Stonebridge Golf & Country Club, began their search for the ideal location to build their keystone community, the highest priority was to select an area with undisturbed natural beauty, yet convenient to the professional center of Albany. The development team envisioned a community boasting financial stability, beautiful  scenery, and extraordinary amenities. A family-oriented environment where you feel like you are on vacation every day.

Stonebridge Golf & Country Club is as much a tribute to the natural beauty of the land as it is a celebration of Albany's renaissance.  Imagine living and playing on over 900 acres of rolling hills under skies of the purest azure during four glorious seasons. Imagine a community, which provides the foremost ambiance from the immaculately landscaped entrance to the grand 30,000 square foot clubhouse... This is Stonebridge.

If you are looking for a place to live that offers privacy, limited access, and a family-oriented concept, then stop imagining and make Stonebridge your home. Stonebridge offers a quality of life that is unequaled in Albany. The community is an exceptional blend of nature and recreational amenities, all designed to encourage resident families and members to enjoy everyday. 

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